Torture numbers, and they'll confess to anything.

- Gregg Easterbrook

X (24)
flux: (noun) "to flow," "to conform," psychological state of mind.

Name: Xzavier Hoyt
6814959 8672 / 42 23 / 4+2=6 & 2+3=5 / 6+5=11 / master 11
Alias: Xenos Ximenes
65561 6945551 / 23+35=58 / 5+8=13 & 1+3=4 / type 4
5 / 24
Gender: XY
Sexuality: Bisexual
D.O.B: 08/04/1983 [17]
Zodiac: Virgo (6th sign/08-04) / Water Pig (1983)
Bloodtype: A+
Anything else you wish to know?

Persona: 50% social butterfly, 50% nervous caterpillar, peeking out from its little cocoon. He likes the fact his alias is a type 4, even though he would rather not ponder on its negative qualities. Feels very special that he's a master (despite being an odd number), and will do all he can to live up to such potential. Little ball of numbers and OCD (numbersnumbersnumbers) with a prechance for making friends, reading and rainy weather (just not to play in.) Shies away from nasty energy and likes playing Mediator Man. Fidgety-twitch at times, but for the most part, he's pretty calm and laid back. Belfast Boy with a heart of golden iEVEN! numbers. Would like more bookcases, please. An INFJ all the way.

Would adopt the world's population (6,629,665,913 and rising) of rats (genus rattus) in a heart beat (80–100 bpm for adolescents.)

Past: Papa was a 3, mama was a 5, now papa 3 is six feet underground with an axe wound in his head and mama 5 is enjoying her days in a sunny women's mental asylum. August 23rd to September 23rd are bad days, they are.

Likes: Even numbers, numbers, numerology, reading, rainy weather, rats (and other rodents), balance, order, neutralism, L

Dislikes: ODD NUMBERS OMG, disorganization, chaos, bad vibes/energy, getting dirty, messes, really loud music, funky bright colors, animal experimentation, lemon meringue foam/cookies (former tastes nasty and latter can taste like bleeeeach)

For more specific, less inane details: Consult the crystal ball.

Since everyone's doing them!

k_ings = omg boyfriend ♥ and roomie
labyrinthedge = best friend [forever and ever and ever, even if she is gone! ; 3;]
k_ings/flu_x/labyrinthedge = OT3
k_ings/watch_from_afar/flu_x = THREE HAPPY DESU STOOGES

[Y halo thar. This is an rp journal for the_succession, played by optical_nerve. So, upon hearing it is an rp journal, please realize it is neither a REAL nor PERSONAL journal, so take nothing out of context or seriousness unless you are, of course, a fellow player. Please keep in mind that if Xy here fouls up on numbers/formulas, blame me as I am SUCK at math, not the poor puppet. ;) The pretty boy in his icons representing his physical state is Satoshi Houjou from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni/Kai, who, of course, does not belong to moi. BG credit.]